Portraits of American Girlhood is a wonderful curriculum based on the American Girl books and is written by Cindy Sotelo of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I am in no way affiliated with Portraits of American Girlhood. I began this blog as a safe way to have lots of great resources that go along with the books and curriculum in one place, reducing the time for parents to look for information on-line so they can spend more time learning together as a family.

I began this blog in June of 2010 and it will probably take me a year to complete it. I hope that you find it helpful; however, if you come across any links or videos that are questionable or no longer working, please leave me a comment so I can make the necessary changes.

Here are the American Girls we have studied so far...

September's AG Club Meeting

For our monthly American Girl Club meeting this month, we decided to go to the Tulsa Zoo. It doesn't really have anything to do with American Girl, but it was just a fun outing since the weather has been so nice. It was also great to have something that the brothers in our group would enjoy. We had a great time looking at the animals, having lunch together and riding the train and carousel. Can't wait 'til next month's meeting on Josefina!

American Girl Club: Felicity

We recently started an American Girl Club with friends that are also using the same curriculum. We will meet once a month and will take turns hosting. We will also focus a snack and craft around whichever American Girl we are studying that month.

For August, we met at our sweet friend, Emily's, house. She had a tea party for the girls and was the perfect host! She served yummy treats and delicious tea/lemonade. They also did a fun craft and squeezed in a little play time, too. The girls are all so cute together and will be even better friends by the end of the school year, I'm sure.

Here's pics from our fun meeting...

Changes for Felicity - Week 6


1. Fidelity; loyalty; firm adherence to allegiance and duty; as the faithfulness of a subject.
2. Truth; veracity; as the faithfulness of God.
3. Strict adherence to injunctions, and to the duties of a station; as the faithfulness of servants or ministers.
4. Strict performance of promises, vows or covenants; constancy in affection; as the faithfulness of a husband or wife.

(Warning - this may be a little graphic for some viewers. Parents, please preview this first before showing it to your children.)


Felicity Saves the Day - Week 5


COURAGE, n. [L., the heart.] Bravery; intrepidity; that quality of mind which enables men to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, or without fear or depression of spirits; valor; boldness; resolution. It is a constituent part of fortitude; but fortitude implies patience to bear continued suffering.
Courage that grows from constitution, often forsakes a man when he has occasion for it; courage which arises from a sense of duty, acts in a uniform manner.
Be strong and of good courage. Deuteronomy 31.


Happy Birthday, Felicity - Week 4


TRUSTWORTHINESS - Trustworthiness is a moral value considered to be a virtue. A trustworthy person is someone in whom you can place your trust and rest assured that the trust will not be betrayed. A person can prove their trustworthiness by fulfilling an assigned responsibility - and as an extension of that, not to let down expectations. A trustworthy person is someone that you can tell your worries and secrets to and know they won't repeat them without your permission. In general, in order for trust to be earned, worth and integrity must be proven over time.

Felicity's Surprise - Week 3


VALUE, n. val'u. [L. valor, from valeo, to be worth.]
1. Worth; that property or those properties of a thing which render it useful or estimable; or the degree of that property or of such properties. The real value of a thing is its utility, its power or capacity of procuring or producing good. Hence the real or intrinsic value of iron, is far greater than that of gold. But there is, in many things, an estimated value, depending on opinion or fashion, such as the value of precious stones. The value of land depends on its fertility, or on its vicinity to a market, or on both.
2. Price; the rate of worth set upon a commodity, or the amount for which a thing is sold. We say, the value of a thing is what it will bring in market.
3. Worth; applied to persons.
Ye are all physicians of no value. Job. 13.
Ye are of more value than many sparrows. Matt. 10.
4. High rate.
Caesar is well acquainted with your virtue, and therefore sets this value on your life.
5. Importance; efficacy in producing effects; as considerations of no value.
Before events shall have decided on the value of the measures.
6. Import; precise signification; as the value of a word or phrase.

VALUE, v.t. val'u.
1. To estimate the worth of; to rate at a certain price; to apprise; as, to value lands or goods.
2. To rate at a high price; to have in high esteem; as a valued poem or picture. A man is apt to value his own performances at too high a rate; he is even disposed to value himself for his humility.
3. To esteem; to hold in respect and estimation; as, to value one for his works or virtues.
4. To take account of.
The mind doth value every moment.
5. To reckon or estimate with respect to number or power.
The queen is valu'd thirty thousand strong.
6. To consider with respect to importance.
The king must take it ill, so slightly valu'd in his messenger.
Neither of them valued their premises according to the rules of honor or integrity.
7. To raise to estimation.
Some value themselves to their country by jealousies to the crown. [Not in use.]
8. To be worth. [Not in use.]


Felicity Learns a Lesson - Week 2


1. Fidelity to a prince or sovereign, or to a husband or lover.
He had such loyalty to the king as the law requires.


* Click here for a printable map of the Original Thirteen Colonies.


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Meet Felicity - Week 1

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INDEPEND'ENCE, n. [in and dependence.] - (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)
1. A state of being not dependent; complete exemption from control, or the power of others; as the independence of the Supreme Being.
2. A state in which a person does not rely on others for subsistence; ability to support one's self.
3. A state of mind in which a person acts without bias or influence from others; exemption from undue influence; self-direction. Independence of mind is an important qualification in a judge.





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