Portraits of American Girlhood is a wonderful curriculum based on the American Girl books and is written by Cindy Sotelo of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I am in no way affiliated with Portraits of American Girlhood. I began this blog as a safe way to have lots of great resources that go along with the books and curriculum in one place, reducing the time for parents to look for information on-line so they can spend more time learning together as a family.

I began this blog in June of 2010 and it will probably take me a year to complete it. I hope that you find it helpful; however, if you come across any links or videos that are questionable or no longer working, please leave me a comment so I can make the necessary changes.

Here are the American Girls we have studied so far...

Samantha's Surprise - Week 3


* thought·ful (thôtfl)
* adj.

1. Engrossed in thought; contemplative.
2. Exhibiting or characterized by careful thought: a thoughtful essay.
3. Having or showing heed for the well-being or happiness of others and a propensity for anticipating their needs or wishes.
4. considerate in the treatment of other people
5. showing careful thought
6. pensive; reflective


State of Mind Quiz (American Girl)

USA Games (Shepherd's Software)

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